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Investors Services

Staging & Renewing

Caravel Real Estate Management has expertly trained in-house agents all throughout the state that understand how to transform any property into the hot listing in your neighborhood. If renovations are needed, our agents can help you find the right contractor to bring your property a brand-new look.

Turn Around

Tenants move out and move on. It’s what they do. At Caravel, we stay ahead of the transition by having it all laid out and easily managed for both you and your tenant, creating an easy transition.


Our extensive background checks allow us to reduce the need for collections for your property by ensuring only the highest quality tenants are renting.

Legal Services

We can handle most of your real estate legal and administration support with our in-house attorneys and staff. If you have any special requirements for your property, we help you find a solution.

24/7 Emergency Maintenance

We have a dedicated maintenance division that responds quickly when a tenant needs repairs in the middle of the night in one of your properties. We have relationships with quality and trusted local contractors for the bigger repairs.

Renter Retention

We are consistently engaging with our tenants personally and certain to address their concerns before problems arise. This way we build trust with them, which makes it easier to keep quality renters renting.

Background Checks

Caravel performs extensive background checks on all your potential renters, ensuring that you’re getting the highest quality tenants for your property.


Our marketing department is always working to be sure your rental property is seen across more than 300 websites and other marketing avenues. Helping to keep your property at full occupancy while also keeping your competition on its toes.


We consistently make sure that your property is kept up to date and current on all inspections.

Instant Accounting

We use the AppFolio software for all our real estate accounts, which allows you to have access instantly to all of your property’s detailed accounting, maintenance reports, and activity. Monitor it all in real time.

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