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Top 5 Useful Real Estate Apps in 2022

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

We now live in a world where transactions are now mostly done online. People have invested in technology for convenience, especially in this fast-paced world. Like the social media applications we usually use, some applications are helpful for real estate investors and property managers for smooth sailing deals and transactions.

We searched the world wide web for applications that people in real estate commonly use that can assist them with all their tasks and provide them convenience as they can download these apps and access them anywhere at the palm of their hands!

Here are some of the apps we want to share that real estate investors can find useful:


This app is handy in empowering real estate managers to make successful deals. It is an online workplace that can be used to edit, sign, and share documents with the added peace of mind that the files are secured. You can download this on your mobile for easy access, and the sign-up is free!


This app shows property listings based on national real estate data. This app can help potential buyers view thousands of possible houses in their area. This application can also help sellers check out competition when they are listing their properties.


This app can help monitor financial information like your cash flow, income, net worth, investments, retirement plan, and many more. There are also registered financial advisors you can contact for advice regarding their expertise with these matters and with secured and strict settings.


This app can be a massive help in all your accounting needs. Instead of manual inputs, investors can easily use this app to automate data such as rent collection, depositing checks, late fee charges, and monitoring payments for financial reporting. The app also offers real-time receipt scanning and automatic tax-ready real estate categorization, making reporting more uncomplicated.


This app is like the Snapchat of real estate. It can help people visualize the property before they can even personally go to the property itself. The app allows users to snap photos of homes, receive information from MLS listings, and find additional information such as census data, property tax records, and many more. People can also send private messages from the app even if the recipient does not have it because it can also send messages as texts.

Suppose you are in the real estate market.

In that case, you can understand the many tasks that property managers need to do. Knowing that we can download applications on our devices to make our lives easier can save us more time to finish all there is left to do. There are also a lot of applications out there that we can check related to real estate, so feel free to check out other apps you may prefer based on your needs.

For any assistance related to real estate, you may always visit our website; our property managers will take care of your concerns and will be more than happy to assist you!

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