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5 House Repairs Not Covered by Landlords

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

When we rent a property, we, as tenants, expect the place to be in top shape and for all parts to be functional. Every landlord must ensure that the property is habitable and that no issues would discomfort or inconvenience the renter.

Proper property maintenance is vital in any real estate or rental property. It is a must for all landlords to ensure they follow all the protocols to maintain the good standing of the property.

Although tenants must take responsibility for repairs needed with the property for some situations or incidents, tenants must know this beforehand. It will be helpful if they better understand their responsibility as a renter. Landlords must include these rules and regulations in their contracts to secure understanding from the renter.

Here are some of the repair services that are not your landlord's responsibility:


Parts of the house are subject to wear and tear. The best example of this is the light bulbs in the home. If the bulbs wear out when you rent the place, as a tenant, we are responsible for replacing them. You may ask for assistance from the landlord to install the new light bulbs. Still, it is the tenant's responsibility to pay for the replacement bulb.


After living in the rental home, there will come a time when renters may encounter issues with the faucets starting to leak, as these are also subject to wear and tear, just like bulbs. Suppose the problem happened after you lived on the property and not before living there; it is the tenant's responsibility to pay for the repair. And yes, we can get assistance from the landlord to install the new faucet.


Some rental places include appliances that tenants can use while residing in the property. Depending on the damage, the tenant is responsible for repairing or replacing the devices. Any of these appliances that get broken by the tenant must be their responsibility, not the landlords.


Suppose drains/toilets are fully functional moving in, and due to the usage from living in the home for a while, they get clogged. In that case, it is the tenant's responsibility to repair it if the tenant caused the issue and not because of the landlord's negligence or prior matters. You will need to contact the landlord to inform them of the case, but the tenant should pay for the required repair. You can get assistance from the landlord if the problem persists, though.


There may be incidents that may cause damage to some parts of the home, like the walls, windows, furniture, or more. Usually, this happens with tenants with kids who accidentally damage parts of the property or break it due to unforeseen scenarios. In these events, unless this is because of a natural disaster or negligence from the landlord, it will be the tenants' responsibility to have the repair services done to the damages.

Do you want to know more about the landlord's responsibility regarding any repair needs for the property? Feel free to reach out to any of our property managers here at Caravel, and we will answer all your questions and assist you the best way we can.

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