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5 Critical Reasons for Rental Eviction

Every landlord or property owner has experience going through the process of eviction from their rental property.

Suppose you are interested in renting a property or you are an owner starting your rental journey. In that case, it is essential to know why landlords can evict tenants.

Knowledge of this is beneficial so that you may avoid any negative repercussions in the future.

Failure to Pay Rent

The top driver that causes tenant eviction is failure to pay their rent. Before a tenant moves in, they must understand their payment terms and the consequences of not keeping up with their payment for their rent.

Some contracts have agreements that may require the tenant to pay for a deposit or a month's advance of rent, usually consumed around the last month of their stay in the property.

Some landlords allow an extended period if tenants are late in their payment once or twice. The same applies to a tenant who has yet to pay the complete rent fee numerous times. Still, it is the landlord's discretion to terminate their lease, especially if this has been multiple occurrences.

Contract Violation

All tenants need to review their contracts before starting their list to understand their signed agreements better.

Examples of the usual violations in a rental contract that can cause eviction are: illegally subletting without approval, sneaking unauthorized pets, or improper rental use.

It's also considered a violation of the agreed terms if there are multiple complaints against the tenant from neighbors. The reports could be against constant loud noise or behavior issues that could disrupt peace within the community.

Serious Property Damage

Landlords and tenants should be familiar with what is considered normal wear and tear within the property.

Suppose the tenant causes damages to the property due to their misuse of the facilities, violent behavior, or unapproved changes in the rental that can potentially cause severe damage to how the property was built. In that case, it can be grounds for early termination of their lease contract.

Tenants not following health and safety standards that can cause severe damage to the property can also be grounds for eviction.

Illegal Activities

Proper and strict screening is necessary to avoid possible illegal activities in a rental property.

Any illegal activities, such as selling illegal drugs, unauthorized firearms, stolen goods, and many more, can be grounds for eviction and cause the landlord to file a criminal case against the tenant.

End of Lease

There are rental properties that require a particular duration for a lease.

Suppose they violate the terms and do not vacate the property on the agreed lease period. In that case, the landlord has every right to evict the tenant. The duration of the lease should be discussed even before the new tenant moves in.

If you need assistance understanding more about the eviction process and the legal rights of the landlords and tenants regarding the eviction process, our property managers here at Caravel would be happy to assist you. Let's connect!

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